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At Tree Service Eastside our priority is the safety of our customers and staff, and the health of the trees in the greater Eastside area.  We are tree experts and can help you make your property look and feel the best it can.  Trees are not only important for the beauty of your home, they are a natural resource on earth and they help balance out pollution and other environmental problems.

We are dedicated to keeping the Northwest green.  We are not just here to cut trees down and clear space, we are here to diagnose future problems and take care of all the responsibility that comes with living in such a lush and forested area.  Tree Service Eastside can help control the diseases and infestations that naturally occur in our indigenous trees and plants. 

Our certified arborists are trained to assess properties and predict future hazards for your home and landscape.  We use the latest techniques for controlling these situations without disturbing the rest of the area.  With routine pruning, thinning, shaping and if necessary, bracing and cabling, we believe we can help prevent future tree and property damage.

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