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Fine Pruning is a special technique that is used to shape and contour a tree or plant for aesthetic purposes. This technique is used especially with highly landscaped properties and those who prefer a more artistic and unique look.

Fine pruning is best for certain sensitive plants and trees that need special care. Many Japanese style landscapes are full of examples of fine pruning as they are very detailed and manicured down to every last leaf.

There are many species of trees that require special handling when preforming maintenance and Tree Service Eastside is prepared to help their customers take care of these delicate plants. For example, there are a lot of Junipers and conifers that do not react well to iron scissors or when pruning, and need to be handled more delicately and with different tools.

Homes with manicured landscapes with a specific theme and shape to their trees require fine pruning, and Tree Service Eastside has expert arborists prepared to help you fine prune the trees on your property.

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