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Stump grinding is an essential step in tree removal and landscaping. Tree Service Eastside has Certified Arborists who are trained in many different stump removing techniques and are able to remove any sized stump.

The final step of tree removal is stump grinding or removing, and depending on the size of the stump and the root structure, there are many different ways of removing it. There are many methods for removing stumps and roots, and some can be very labor intensive. The tree and stump removal experts at Tree Service Eastside are prepared to remove any stump with little to no impact to the rest of your landscape. They used the most modern techniques to make sure the job is done right, and that the removal will benefit your yard. They are equipped with many different tools to get any stump out of your yard, whether it is a fresh removal or if the stump has been sitting there for years.

Stump grinders are machines used to grind down the trunk and large roots of a stump to help get the plant out of the ground. Many times stump grinders are used for larger stumps and should only be used by a trained professional. Stump grinders can be very dangerous if handled and operated incorrectly and should be left to the professionals. Luckily, the trained Arborists at Tree Service Eastside can help you decide which stump removal technique is best for your situation, and can help you go from there.

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