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Tree pruning and preservation are probably the most common service that Tree Service Eastside provides. We believe that if you care for your trees properly, you can improve their health, appearance and vitality. We have perfected the proper way to care for your trees, and are here to help extend the life and usefulness of the beautiful trees in this Pacific Northwest area.

We know that with regular pruning and inspection, we can help you prolong the life and beauty of the trees on your property. Pruning trees takes skill and experience, and if the proper techniques aren’t used, a healthy tree could be harmed.

Tree Service Eastside takes great pride in their expertise and they are confident that their tree pruning techniques are top-notch and effective. Tree Service Eastside uses the following types of pruning:

Crown Cleaning
Crown Cleaning is the removal of selective dead, dying or diseased branches, weak branches and/or watersprouts.

Crown Thinning
Crown Thinning is the removal of selective branches to increase the movement of air, the amount of light allowed through the branches, and/or to reduce their collective weight.

Crown Raising
Crown Raising is a very common removal technique used to remove lower branches to provide clearance for objects below.

Crown Reduction
Crown Reduction (also called Height Reduction) is the technique used to reduce the height of the tree. It is also used reduce the spread of a tree. This type of pruning is typically used on more mature trees that could potentially grow hazardous so that they can be kept in the landscape.

Vista Pruning
Vista Pruning is when the framework branches of a tree, or specific areas of the crown are thinned to provide a view of another object, landscape, or view.

Crown Restoration
Crown Restoration is the technique that is used to improve the structure of the tree, and is commonly used on trees that have been vandalized, injured by the weather or topped severely.

Fine Pruning
Fine Pruning is a special technique that is used to shape and contour a tree or plant for aesthetic purposes. This technique is used especially with highly landscaped properties and those who prefer a more artistic and unique look.

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