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Tree removal can be a vital part to successfully managing your landscape. Tree Service Eastside has helped the Greater Eastside manage their properties for since 1978. The Certified Arborists at Tree Service Eastside are trained to help homeowners decide if and when trees need to be removed.

Tree Service Eastside uses safe equipment and modern techniques to remove hazardous and unwanted trees with little to no impact on the rest of your landscape. If the need should arise, we have the necessary equipment (cranes and aerial lifts) to remove tall and large trees from your yard.

At times cabling and other techniques will not be enough to solve every tree’s problems, and removal is necessary. If a hazardous tree must be removed, Tree Service Eastside will work with you to ease your mind and take care of your liability and safety concerns. If a permit is required for the tree removal, our team can help you through the process and help avoid and violations from the city or state.

The removal of a tree can open up a whole new world for your remaining landscape. The removal can provide space for existing trees to grow and flourish. The newly removed old tree and removed stump (Tree Service Eastside also does stump grinding for any sized stump) will open up a spot in your yard to install a tree or plant of your choice.

Contrary to popular belief, not all dead trees need to be removed. Dead tree retention can provide a natural resource for animals and soil. Tree Service Eastside can help consult if snag retention is an option and let you know what to do.

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