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Tree trimming and tree pruning are similar, but have their own meanings. Tree trimming is many times described more as tree “grooming” or “shaping”. Tree pruning involves cutting off selected branches to where new growth is, to a larger branch, or to the trunk of the tree. Tree trimming is usually done for aesthetic purposes whereas pruning is done mainly for the health of the tree, hazard reduction and safety of the property around the tree.

Trimming trees into different shapes and looks can give a whole new look to your yard and complete the landscape. Tree Service Eastside is up to date with the latest backyard trends and methods.

Tree Service Eastside has certified arborists who are trained in many different styles of tree trimming and can make your trees look their best. Trimming trees yourself can be dangerous and very labor intensive. We have equipment that can safely reach even the tallest branches in your yard.

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